Fresh flowers are thoughtfully chosen to create your floral arrangement. 

We love using unique & interesting elements to create a one of a kind design.

Custom orders must be placed via email or phone. 


  • Flowers should be kept in water and out of direct sunlight, in a cool area. Adding fresh water to your vase will help maintain the life of the flowers. Bouquets will begin to wilt if they are not in water. Fragile flowers may begin to wilt before others, which can be removed to allow the other flowers to thrive. 

    Disclaimer: All flowers and arrangements will be delivered with the upmost integrity and quality of freshness. Lucid Juliet is not responsible for how the flowers react to weather, wind, heat, rain and temperature or other forces outside Lucid Juliet's control. If you are not satisfied with the life of your flowers, please contact us with a photo.